Gospel Of Mark

Welcome to a series of podcasts on the Gospel according to Mark. These presentations will transport you through the whole of Mark’s Gospel. We accompany Jesus as the evangelist present him to us, and we also see how the disciples respond to Jesus. Mark writes the Gospel for an audience in the Greco-Roman living in an urban context sometime around the 70s of the First century CE.

Click on the podcast link below to each presentation. Each session comes with notes that will keep you on track for each presentation, offers a few reflective questions for personal or group contemplation and then suggests what to read in preparation for the next presentation.

Introduction to the Gospel of Mark

The Social and Domestic Context of Mark

Mk 1.1-5

Mk 1.16-3.35, the formation of Jesus' Household of Disciples

Summary of Mk 1-3

Mk 3.31-6.11

Mk 6.7-8.26

Mk 8.22-10.52

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