Archangel Mikhail (1408) by Andrei Rublev (-1430). St Michael, God’s Protector in times of Malady (Public Domain)

With the spread of the Corona-Virus everything in our world has changed. This is also an unusual and unanticipated time for us as a Catholic parish. It requires unusual and creative responses. We believe that we, in the parish of Lockleys, are working towards these. We continue to seek to nurture the spiritual hearts and souls of our parishioners.

We do this in several ways.

  • Every day we can pray together Lectio Divina. An audio introduction to the Lectio and daily Lectio Divina's can be found here. The downloadable version from our parish website is here.

  • To pray Lectio Divina, you will need access to the Readings of Mass for each day which can be found here. Take sometime to familiarize yourself with the history and practice of this prayer form.

  • ​Each week the parish leadership will offer a reflection on what is happening and the implications for us as a parish. You will find that reflection here.

  • We shall be celebrating a private Mass, according to the instructions of the Bishop. This Eucharist will be streamed live at the times we usually celebrate Mass (Wed-Sat at 8.30 am ; Sunday 9;00 am). The link is found here.

  • We are inviting you, too, to access all our resources on our website. Especially see below, “Keep praying”.

Keep Praying

Health authorities encourage us to create space with others (“Social Distance”) and maybe even to isolate ourselves, if need be. This is a very difficult discipline, especially when we enjoy being with others.  However, from a spiritual point-of-view, being alone can open a space for communion with God. There are so many helpful prayer resources for praying over the Mass readings. These are all accessible on our parish website. Click: “Prayer, Liturgy and Readings at Mass”. Check out these resources and spend time with them.

‘The Vatican has published Strong in the Face of Tribulation: The Church in Communion – a Sure Support in Time of Trial. This is a digital publication which contains a collection of prayers, intercessions and homilies from Pope Francis to help sustain our sense of communion amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is free to download here and will be updated regularly during the week as ancient and newer prayer resources are located. Return to the site regularly.”

Participating in a Virtual Celebration of the Eucharist

In the present circumstances we are not permitted to join together publicly for the celebration of the Eucharist. However, you might like to watch and participate as best you can in our celebrations of the Eucharist which will be streamed live at our usual parish Mass times (Mon-Sun) celebrated in the parish church. The link to this celebration is available here.


Also, Pope Francis celebrates a weekday Eucharist. This is accessible here. The celebration is in Italian but with a simultaneous English translation. This Vatican website also has other helpful information related to Pope Francis and his teaching.

“We are the World”


Finally, to offer something uplifting at a time when everything seems difficult, look at this YouTube video and the song We are the World”. In 1985, musicians and singers came together to offer generously their talent to help address the famine that devastated parts of Africa.  That song retains its relevance even more today as people and parishioners seek to know that they are not alone, but part of one family—the parish and the wider human and environmental community.   

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