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Matthew’s Gospel - Liturgical Year A - Don Senior CP

Donald Senior taught Scripture with the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, USA. He was a respected Catholic scholar.

Each of the following video lectures goes for about 60 mins. Click on the Session number to go to the lecture (for free!):

Session 1: Introducing Matthew: The Context and Construction of the Gospel.

Session 2: The Origin of the Messiah.

Session 3: The Mission Begins: At the Jordan, in the Desert, in Galilee.

Session 4: The Sermon on the Mount.

Session 5: Jesus the Healer.

Session 6: Opposition and Conflict.

Session 7: Encounters on the Journey to Jerusalem.

Session 8: The Community Discourse.

Session 9: Jesus and the Temple.

Session 10: The Passion and Death of Jesus

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