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Would you like to celebrate your wedding in our parish community?


This is an important moment for you and we would like to be part of it. We would like to accompany you as you prepare for your wedding, and celebrate the ceremony in a way that is meaningful, prayerful and friendly — especially for family and friends who may not be familiar with the Catholic Church practice, or who don’t usually attend a church.

As you come to prepare for your marriage, especially if you are getting married in our parish church, please take a look at this information sheet (“Celebrating your Marriage in the Lockleys Catholic Parish Church”).  It will guide you through most of the practical things to be aware of as you come to celebrate your wedding in our parish.


The parish pastoral team have put together a guide that will assist you in preparing for the ceremony itself. There are many parts to the ceremony and this guide, “The Wedding Ceremony—What to Prepare” will introduce you to the main points of the ceremony. As your ceremony draws nearer and you meet with the celebrant, this guide will be very helpful.

We would love to keep in contact with you after your wedding ceremony too!

Finally, you can find more information about the Sacrament of Marriage here from the website of the United States Catholic Bishops.

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