Liturgical Year A (Matthew’s Gospel)

You might like to begin an overview and brief study on some of texts of Matthew’s Gospel by Fr Michael. Click on this live-streamed link and the actual presentation starts at 33 secs in the recorded video. Notes to the presentation (“Matthew’s Gospel in the Time of the Corona”) are found here.

If you are interested in studying the gospel of the Liturgical Year A, commencing Advent 2019 and concluding the Sunday before Advent 2020, you might like to study the whole of Matthew’s Gospel with Donald Senior CP.

Senior teaches Scripture with the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, USA. He is a respected Catholic scholar.

Each of the following video lectures goes for about 60 mins. Click on the Session number to go to the lecture (for free!):

Session 1: Introducing Matthew: The Context and Construction of the Gospel.

Session 2: The Origin of the Messiah.

Session 3: The Mission Begins: At the Jordan, in the Desert, in Galilee.

Session 4: The Sermon on the Mount.

Session 5: Jesus the Healer.

Session 6: Opposition and Conflict.

Session 7: Encounters on the Journey to Jerusalem.

Session 8: The Community Discourse.

Session 9: Jesus and the Temple.

Session 10: The Passion and Death of Jesus

One of the best movies on the Gospel of Matthew is the 2 hr 11 min, 1964 Italian production (with English subtitles) by Pier Paolo Pasolini. It can be accessed here: