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Message from the Parish

6th/7th April 2024 ~ 2nd Sunday of Easter


Understanding the Bible and the Gospels


Dear Sisters and Brothers,


We bathe in the glow of the Easter Candle, the symbol of the Risen Jesus. The candle is placed now, during the Easter Season, near the lectern. This reminds us that we read our Scripture in the light of the Risen Jesus.


Easter also becomes a time for us to renew our reading and understanding of Scripture. Two things are emerging.


First, you will note on the parish website in the menu “Bible Repository” a whole lot of goodies to assist in understanding the Bible—from some introductory audios to a full program of following the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles and studying Mark’s Gospel, the Gospel that will be our focus after the Easter Season. You will also find “5 minutes with the Sunday Gospel”. Each week you will have the opportunity to listen to my take on the forthcoming Sunday Gospel. Make it a permanent link on your browser.  I would hope that it would be a regular and helpful preparation to become more attuned to our Sunday’s Liturgy of the Word and the Gospel that will be proclaimed on that day (


Second, as mentioned over the past weeks of the Grapevine, I am offering a no-more-than-a- 10-to-15 minute presentation after 9am Sunday morning Mass on Scripture on two Sundays. Initially, these will be Sundays 21 and 28 April. This will be a beginner’s guide to understanding the Bible, some of the passages that arise in our Sunday Liturgy of the Word and helpful ways to read the Bible. You may remember over the last couple of years we had a run on encouraging parishioners to buy the New Revised Version of the Bible. Now this is an opportunity to open it up! We’ll see how these sessions go and whether we can extend them on other Sundays of the year.


Finally, my thanks goes out to all who participated in the Easter ceremonies and offered their support in many different ways. They were truly uplifting moments in the life of our parish. Thank you.


With Easter blessings,


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