Message from the Parish

17th/18th September 2022 ~ 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Being Found!

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Have you ever been lost? I have several times. I can’t tell you all the times – some of them are very embarrassing – but I can share two with you. One of them was when I was in Athens. I left where I was staying for a walk, thinking I just had to walk around the block, like in Adelaide, and I would return to where I started from. That did not happen. The streets were differently designed. I also did not have the address of where I was staying, nor could I speak Greek. Panic almost set in, until I was rescued by a passing stranger.


But a second occurred what I was a little boy (and I might have shared this with you before, too). I was in the city with Mum and we were shopping. Well, she was shopping and I was looking. One store filled with toys of different kinds grabbed my attention so much that I forgot about Mum, where I was and what I had to do. I turned around to find myself totally lost and Mum absent. I felt alone and bewildered. My tears brought the attention of a store attendant, a microphone announcement and Mum’s final appearance. My distress disappeared as she comforted me.


I don’t think I am the only one who has been lost physically. But there are times I have also felt lost spiritually. A gloom comes over me and I want to return to a place where I feel welcomed, safe and cared for. This experience of spiritual darkness is so common.


The Gospel at Mass last weekend was all about being lost and found. Luke shares with us the joy by those who have lost sheep, a coin and a son being found. In the story of the “Two Lost Sons” (and not the “Prodigal Son”, as some call it), Luke shares the parable in a way that speaks of God’s overriding anxiety awaiting our return, looking out for each of us, and then being move with compassion, bottomless love, to embrace each of us warmly. This insight reminds us how deeply and intimately God loves us.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation can become one moment on our journey of being found by God. It can be a beautiful moment of being embraced by God.


Your brother,