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Message from the Parish

13th /14th July 2024 ~ 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Joan is retiring

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It has been quite a few years now that the Franciscans handed the parish of Christ the King back into the hands of the Archdiocese. Fr Tony Densley was the first of the diocesan priests to take up this new ministry in the parish. I was next.

The transition was not the easiest and I know that many grieved the departure of the Franciscan Friars and its last friar, Fr Gabriel. However, the parish has moved forward sensitively with pastoral effectiveness, with a spirit of renewal and a confidence about the parish’s future. This transition has been supported by our Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council.

The one who has been there to manage this transition across the past 12 years and support the priests has been Joan Walsh. This week, Joan announces her retirement from pastoral duties. This will take place towards the end of September.

Her spirit of courage, clarity and stability has enabled the Pastoral and Finance Councils to move forward with confidence amidst the various priestly changes. It has not been easy in some ways—given the various personalities and insights into how a parish should be run by us priests. But she has worked alongside us, especially me, with openness, graciousness, humility, collaboration and a touch of humour. 

While I don’t want these words to sound like a eulogy, I simply wanted to let you know about Joan’s decision. It was not taken lightly, but with a deep spirit of discernment and open consultation with me. This is the right time for her to retire and enjoy other aspects of her life that she has had to put on hold. Joan will continue to support the charitable arm of our parish through her leadership in the St Vincent de Paul Society.

We have time ahead to look at and respond to the pastoral needs and gaps that Joan’s leaving us will highlight. It will be a time of change, but also opportunity. This is nothing new. With discernment from our Parish Council, I look to the future with hope and confidence.

Your brother,


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