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The Spiritual Journey


All of us, whoever we are and whatever of our life journey to date, are on a journey. This journey is not just a physical one or one in which we grow older or more mature. At the deepest level of our lives, it is spiritual.


Some of us were brought up as Catholics and perhaps left the practice of Catholic Faith for all kinds of reasons.


And these are usually for good reasons: treated badly by some in the church, found the teachings of the church no longer relevant, couldn’t accept what you thought were Catholic teachings on morality….the reasons can be endless. In the long run, these do not matter.


Your spiritual journey, your relationship with God, is what is most important.


Would you like to reconnect?


Our parish with its creative leadership team and hospitable parishioners is a welcome place to come to support you in your journey of faith. You need no qualification, faith score, or perfect-life biography to visit us.


Feel free to join us, either in worship on the Sunday, or through this website. In whatever way you connect to us, we will warmly welcome you, and promise not to hassle you!  


If you would like to take a few tentative steps towards ‘coming home’ you might like to take a look at this


If and when you feel ready to take your next step to reconnect with the Catholic community at Lockleys, please feel free to make contact with our Pastoral Associate, Joan Walsh, or our parish priest, Fr Michael.


We’re friendly and non-judgemental!


Joan Walsh – +61 (0) 439 530 135  |

Fr. Michael Trainor – +61 (8)8356 8887  |

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